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Containers, kitchen caddies, bins and biobags to help make recycling easy. Whether you need compostable liners for food waste collection or are keen to compost at home, we offer practical solutions to make recycling easy and simple.

Cleaning the inside of a bin is not a very pleasant job so this is why bin liners are so useful, as it will help to prevent your bin from becoming lathered in grimy waste and (as an added bonus), stop your bin from smelling and attracting flies. The majority of the Bin Bags on the market are currently made from polythene material meaning they are not biodegradable, however our Bin Liners provide a dynamic range of Biodegradable Bin Liners which have been regulated to European standards and regulations. If you would like to purchase a much larger amount or perhaps set-up a reoccurring order, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated sales team.
Composti Bin
Composti Bin

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