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Our Topiary range of animals which can be bought to life by either moss and sticks to create Garden Art animals. Adding moss into the frame can blend in nicely with its surroundings or create your own garden art by building up the animal with sticks to make a life like addition to your garden. These garden sculptures are incredibly realistic and are a lovely addition to any garden. Why not have a sheep nibbling your daffodils or a deer grazing on your grass. 

Having the option to fill these Topiary Frames with either sticks or moss allows you to create your very own animal figure that compliments your garden and you will be amazed how life like you can make your animal figure using sticks. 

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  • Deer (Doe) Eating Topiary Frame

    £39.98 £71.99

    (9 reviews)

  • Frog Large Topiary Frame

    £19.99 £40.00

    (8 reviews)

  • Small Frog Topiary Frame

    £16.99 £44.99

    (5 reviews)

  • Small Elephant Topiary Frame

    £19.99 £43.74

    (9 reviews)

    Available: 30th Dec 2020
  • Running Rabbit Small Topiary Frame

    £24.98 £47.99

    (6 reviews)

    Available: 31st Dec 2020
  • Sheep Topiary Sculpture Frame

    £34.99 £47.99

    (5 reviews)

  • Tortoise / Turtle Small Topiary Frame

    £16.99 £31.20

    (2 reviews)

  • Dog (Scottie) Topiary Frame

    £24.98 £49.99

    (5 reviews)

  • Tortoise / Turtle Medium Topiary Frame

    £24.98 £40.00

    (3 reviews)

  • Lamb Topiary Frame - Head Down

    £29.99 £49.99

    (6 reviews)

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Here at Gardening Delights we are dedicated to bring you the highest quality topiary frames with competitive pricing! Whether its a Small Elephant or a Deer, There are many different frames for you to choose.

All of our topiary is sold as a Frame only. However you can switch up the style with different natural products to put in the Topiary. If you do choose Moss then you may want to use evergreen to ensure your mossed topiary can looks its best for a longer duration of time. 

If for some reason there is a frame you are looking for that we don't have on our website please feel free to contact us where we will try our hardest to source it. 

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