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Dogs & Cats

Replicate your favourite pet with our cat and dog figures in topiary form. Available as a topiary frame or as a mossed or planted figure, these dogs at least won’t need a walk or feeding. A wide selection of favourite breed types are available and the cats won’t need letting out at night!

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Quintessentially British, this interesting art form is still very much an English classic! There are many different dog and cat topiary frames to choose from!

The mesh wire frames have a large hole at the bottom making it easy for planting. Moss is packed very tightly and is treated with Mossgreen to avoid browning and for better moisture retention. It requires no water or nutrition as the moss is already dried, and it can be left outside. Due to this, it is possible to grow all kinds of plants into the figure!

The metal wire frames are made from strong metal wire, welded together and epoxy coated to prevent rusting. All frames consist of two or more parts connected by cable ties, making it easy to fill with moss or to make a topiary figure. It is best to use plants that like the same conditions. We tend to use succulents, which are drought tolerant.

They can all come with moss (if specified), which is packed very tightly.