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Food waste recycling confusion and how to make it easier

One of our main focuses is encouraging you to recycle by making food waste recycling cleaner and easier through our biodegradable and compostable liners and food waste caddies. There is no uniform food waste scheme across the country; most councils have different schemes and some don’t even collect food waste, which is confusing for a lot of people. In this blog post our managing director, Gary, looks at food waste collection confusion and what can be done to make it easier and cleaner. The recent change of environmental minister caused rejoicing amongst many environmental groups, but don’t expect a coherent waste and recycling policy for England any time soon. Politicians and councils are switching to election mode which in real terms means very little will be planned, decided or implemented within the next 10 months. Recycling figures look set to drop for the first time and some members of the press would have you believe we’re suffering from recycling fatigue. We believe that confused and frustrated are more apt descriptions when faced with the variety of collection schemes. Change is constant as councils balance funding with service and the debate of how often bins should be emptied bounces around. I live in a council area that was once top of the recycling league but in the past five years I’ve been requested to put my smelly food waste in three different types of bin. Confused? Yes I am.

Some councils have adopted weekly food waste collection but many have not. Some allow compostable and biodegradable bags but some do not. Of all the rubbish that is thrown away food waste is the only one that causes me a problem. It smells, it attracts nasty creatures and I want it collected as soon as possible, ideally every week. I try to minimise the effect of the food waste problem as much as possible by doing two things:

  • Firstly I try to eat less and throw less away, it’s not as if I couldn’t do with losing a bit of weight.
  • Secondly I collect my food waste as neatly and tidily as possible using a kitchen caddy and a Gardening Delights compostable and biodegradable caddy liner.

  Then if the compostable liner can hold on to my food waste until the council collect my bin every week, I would be happy. Whatever bin you use for your food waste and whether it sits there for one week or two weeks, our compostable and biodegradable liners will hold your food waste and keep caddies and bins clean. Our food waste liners are thicker than most liners and designed to hold plate scrapings, moist fruit and vegetable peelings and keep your food waste caddy clean. Our customers constantly tell us that our liners are stronger and higher quality than other liner they’ve used. If recycling was made easier and simpler, recycling rates would soon be heading upwards.