Find out what you can recycle & where with the ‘Recycling Locator’

Find out what you can recycle and where

What do you do with some items that you can’t recycle at home or what happens if your bins are overflowing before collection? WRAP’s new Recycling Locator tells you what you can recycle and where in your area.

Most of us have groaned when cleaning up after a party when we realise our recycling bin is full and there’s another week to go before it’s collected. Or we find ourselves wondering what to do with certain things, like used batteries.

WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) have recently launched their new Recycle Now website with a handy tool, called the Recycling Locator.

Simply enter your postcode and you will see a map showing places in your area which allow you to recycle items and what you can recycle at each location.

The tool also allows you to filter by what you need to recycle, including; car oil, building materials, clothes, plastic bottles, printer cartridges, glass, food waste, garden waste, Christmas trees and much more.

We think this is a great tool which will encourage people to recycle as many items as possible and make sure things aren’t just thrown in the main refuse bin because no one knows where something can be recycled.

Don’t forget that if you’re unsure about what you can put in your refuse bin, recycling or food waste bins, visit your council’s website or get in touch with them as they will be able to tell you what you can and can’t put in them.

6 easy ways to reduce your food waste

Six easy ways to reduce your food waste

UK families throw away an estimated 7 million tonnes of food and drink every year and more than half of that could have been eaten, according to WRAP.

As well as being a terrible waste of food, it’s a waste of money. WRAP estimates that UK households with children waste £700 a year on food they throw away.

Reducing the amount of food waste we throw away is simple and all it requires is a little forward-planning.

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Last order dates for Christmas delivery

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re fast approaching our deadlines for Christmas delivery.

While we are having no problems with processing orders, Royal Mail and UK Mail are beginning to struggle with the higher volume of post and we are already experiencing delays with them.

Our recommended last dates for placing orders if you want to receive them before Christmas are:

  • Tuesday 16th December – standard delivery
  • Friday 19th December – 48 hour delivery

These are just guide dates and we cannot guarantee delivery as it is out of our control, so we recommend placing your Gardening Delights order as soon as possible.

We will update these details if we receive further information.

You asked for it: our Christmas offers have been extended!

Christmas offers extended until December 15th

Fantastic news! Due to the popularity of our Christmas offers, we are extending them until Monday 15th December.

We’re pleased that so many of you have enjoyed our offers and we’ve restocked so that you can enjoy another month of great deals on Christmas gifts, including bird feeders, ornamental animal figures, gardening gifts and more.

If you are an existing customer, don’t forget to check your email for your offer code which will allow you to save on our compostable and biodegradable liners.

We are now offering express delivery which means that you are guaranteed to receive your items within 48 hours, so it’s no big deal if you leave your Christmas shopping a little late!

Visit the Offers page to find out about our brilliant Christmas offers and save money.

8 DIY Christmas decorations you & the kids can make

8 DIY Christmas decorations you and the kids can make

Here at Gardening Delights we’re big fans of recycling and upcycling, so with Christmas on its way (Haven’t you noticed all those adverts? Already!) we scoured the internet for a few DIY Christmas decorations you can make with the kids.

We all have fond memories of making decorations with family as children and let’s be honest, while you can find some beautiful Christmas decorations in the shops they’re never as beautiful as something made by our family. Continue reading

Great news: we now offer guaranteed 48 hour delivery!

Need your Gardening Delights goodies in a hurry? We now offer 48 hour express delivery.

When you select ‘Express delivery’ during checkout your items are guaranteed to be with you in 48 hours at the most.

Between us though, we’ve found that many customers who use express delivery receive their items within 24 hours.

Our new express delivery is perfect for when a special occasion creeps up on you and you need a gift at short notice or when you just need something urgently.

Talking of gifts, don’t forget that our early Christmas offers finish next week. Visit our offers page to find out how you could save on gardening, bird care and ornamental animal gifts.

Our early Christmas offers are now live! Click here to find out more.

Six great early Christmas offers

It’s amazing how fast Christmas comes around and we know that no one likes to rush around at the last minute when it comes to gift shopping.

Our early Christmas offers will help you save money on gardening, ornamental animals and bird care gifts. So, grab a cuppa, put your feet up and begin your Christmas shopping.


Winter wonder prices on Christmas ornamental animal twin packs

You can save over 30% on our adorable festive ornamental animals. The twin packs of huskies, polar bears and penguins are now £10 down from £15 and are perfect for the little kids, or big kids, in your life.

Each twin pack comes with your animal of choice in two different poses. They are all weatherproof and are suitable for life indoors or in the garden.

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Hurry, autumn offers ending soon!

Our fantastic autumn offers end on Sunday 21st September, so order soon if you want to get a great deal on selected gardening and recycling products.

So far our autumn offers have been very popular, especially 10% off compostable and biodegradable liners for our returning customers.

If you haven’t seen them yet, here’s a quick recap on our autumn offers:

  • 3 free packets of herb seeds with all pots, planters and planting bags
  • Free small berry picker with each apple picker
  • Buy one get one free on all crazy garden pals
  • 10% off compostable and biodegradable liners using offer code in email. (If you’re registered with us, check your inbox for an email from us which contains your offer code to save 10% on liners.)


Visit our Offers page for more information and don’t forget to register with Gardening Delights during checkout to make checkout faster in the future and receive our offer emails, some of which contain exclusive offers for registered customers only.