Running Rabbit Small Topiary Frame

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Running Rabbit Small Topiary Frame
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£55.00 £103.99
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Metal topiary frame of a Running Rabbit Small.

This topiary wire frame is delivered with eyes and cable ties. It is made from strong metal wire, welded together and epoxy coated to prevent rusting. All frames consist of two or more parts connected by cable ties, making it easy to fill with moss or to make a topiary figure. All metal wires have a diameter from 2 to 18mm.

It is best to use plants that like the same conditions. We tend to use succulents, which are drought tolerant. Rockery type plants, which are invasive and low growing, make great topiaries. When using hardy plants for the topiary frame, it can stay outside during the winter. With non-hardy plants it is best to water the topiary before the frost, at least once a month and leave in a protected area. Smaller leaved plants work best on smaller animals.

All wire frames can be pre-mossed and planted if specified.


The topiary wire frames are delivered with cable ties. All frames consist of two or more parts connected by cable ties, making it easy to fill with moss or to clip together over a plant to make a classic topiary figure.

Please note that images shown are for illustration purposes only, the finished product you receive may vary due to the moss being a natural living product. Topiary should be treated like a hanging basket, it will need regular watering.

Mossed and planted items - as the moss is tight within the topiary frames, it can serve as soil and it is possible to grow all kinds of plants into the figure. We can plant these for you. Please note that planting styles may vary from those shown, pictures used are for illustration purposes only. Planted topiary should be treated like a hanging basket, it will need regular watering, especially while the plants are establishing themselves, and occasional feeding.


All main metal wires have a diameter from 2 to 18mm and the smaller wires are from 0.7 to 1.5mm and about 2cm from each other.

How to do it

Instant Moss topiary is just that – You can have your chosen topiary shape and feature today. We start with a metal or mesh fame. This comes in two parts and will be fixed together by cable ties. The traditionalist can buy this frame and fix it around box hedges or trees.

We however fill these frames with sphagnum moss, the same type as used to line hanging baskets. The two halves of the frame are packed and crammed with moss as tight as possible and then cable tied together. Excess and protruding moss is then trimmed using scissors. Many people are then happy with their chosen animal or shape and introduce it as a maintenance free ‘mossed’ feature to the garden.

Technical Specifications
Height 330mm
Width 380mm
Depth 130mm
Lead Time 7 - 10 Working Days

5 Customer Reviews

  • 5
    The kids love it

    Zoe Jackson

    We've got a couple of these hanging around the playgroup playing field, they really love them and one of the kids wanted to take them all home!

  • 5
    So Cute!!


    What a wonderful addition to any garden, I love my little rabbits

  • 4
    Very nice

    Harvey D

    I like this one a lot, the mossing was a little raggy when I got it but I'm sure that was due to transit, it's easy to snip away and tidy up and then it's brilliant

  • 5
    Clever idea

    Suzy P

    I filled mine with hay and grass so that it acts like a little feeder for my pet rabbits, they love it as much as I do :)

  • 5
    Rabbit Topiary Frame

    Sean W

    This is brilliant, the metal frame is sturdy and both halves are held together with cable ties, meaning that it's easy to take apart and moss yourself. Brilliant idea!

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