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Insulated Flexible Ducting - 10 Metre - 127mm Diameter

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Insulated Flexible Ducting - 10 Metre - 127mm Diameter
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£22.00 £26.39

Our insulated flexible ducting is constructed with an inner duct packed with 25mm fibreglass insulation and covered with an outer jacket; this acts as a vapour barrier.

The jacket is made up of a multi layer aluminium/polyester laminated fabric which provides an outstanding combination of both tear resistance and general strength.


  • Supplied in Standard 10 Meter Length, Compressed to 1.6 Mts.
  • Individually Boxed.
  • Easy to Connect to Either Round or Oval Ducting.
  • No Special Tools Required For Cutting or Fixing.
  • In The Event of Fire No Toxic Gases are Emitted.
  • The Products Have Been Successfully Tested and Fire Resistance Rated
Technical Specifications
Construction Material TFF (Inner) - Aluminium/Polyester (Outer)
Insulation 25mm Fibreglass
Diameter 127mm
Temperature Range -30°C to +120°C
Maximum Air Velocity 30m/sec
Positive Working Pressure 2.5 KPa (Max.)
Standard Length 10m
Packing Individual Box of 1.2 Metres
Clamping Lightening Band, Stainless Steel Flex Clips