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Providing the right food and habitat for the wildlife will keep them away from the prize vegetables and plants.

However the garden should be a fun and interesting place for all. Trying to accommodate the demands of wildlife, pets, children and adults is a challenge. We hope to help you do that with an exciting range of products.

Help your children discover the wonders of the garden with a gift in a tin, to build their own bird feeder, their own insect house or the discovery set.

Choose from a broad range of bird feeders in contemporary, classical or amusing designs.

Or perhaps find a quiet corner to remember a beloved pet, now gone, with a tribute memorial.

Pet & Wildlife


Whether you want to encourage wildlife into your garden and provide a nice cosy place for them to live or remember a beloved pet, our Pet & Wildlife range has it all.

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Help your garden come to live with our Wildlife range. Encourage hedgehogs, bees, insects and birds into your garden and provide them with food and a lovely place to live.

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