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Equestrian Fencing

Perfect for Farmers, Equestrian Centres and Councils alike! Take a pick from our fantastic range of quality, British fences, suitable for a wide variety of livestock, including Horses, Llamas, Alpacas and more! The robust, high tensile design is ideal for paddocks and other secure, fenced areas.

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We have a fantastic range of high quality, robust Equestrian Fencing. These fences all feature a high tensity design to ensure that the fences are sturdy and secure when erected.

The fences have a variety of different measurements, allowing you to find the perfect height and length for your area.

Due to the High Tensile design being much thicker than the standard mild steel, you are able to strain the fence much further, allowing for quicker assembly of the a paddock, for example, while keeping the work and cost to a minimal amount

With normal fencing, animals tend to trample the fences, horses especially. With the slimmer design, it helps to ensure that animals are not able to fit their hooves in the gaps and therefore stops any damage to both he fence and the animal, benefitting everyone.