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BioBag Dog Waste Bags - Box of 300 Bags

Product Code: DogWasteBags
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£19.96 £31.45
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BioBag Dog Waste Bags - Box of 300 Bags
Customer Submitted Image
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£19.96 £31.45

• BioBag Dog Waste Bags

• 3O bags per roll (10 Rolls) Total 300 bags

• Liner Size 230mm x 350mm .

• Easy to use with tie handles.

BioBag Dog Waste Bags

BioBag Dog Waste Bags are made from plant-based natural materials. They will decompose within 40 days in a well functioning composting environment. The BioBag logo is a guarantee that you have chosen a natural, compostable product which will break down completely. Leaving no harmful residues behind. All BioBag bags are certified compostable to European Standard EN 7P2045 and AIB Vincotte (OK Compost) for home composting too.

  • Size 23cm x 35cm.
  • Easy to tear off a bag from the roll.
  • These bags are easy to use with tie handles.
  • They are extra strong, secure and leak proof.
  • Theses are big enough for the needs of even the largest dog.
  • These Black opaque bags which are convenient to carry
  • These biobags are certified according to European Standard EN 13432 for Compostable Products and US Standard ASTM D6400.


Technical Specifications
Package Type Roll
Liners Per Roll 30
Material Plant starch
Certification EN 7P2045
Length (mm) 320
Width (mm) 220

14 Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Best bags for dog waste

    Andrew Walsh

    Love using them for my dog waste disposal

  • 5
    Works well

    David Thorp

    So easy to use

  • 5
    Highly durable

    Julie Tanner

    They don&#039;t tear or leak, even when filled to the brim.

  • 4

    Elaine Staines

    I am so happy to have found these ! They are too good for the price

  • 5
    Convenient to carry

    Lisa Smith

    Love how convenient these bags are

  • 5
    Best dog wastebags ever!

    James Seymour

    The most sturdy, convenient, and planet-friendly dog waste bags

  • 5
    Worth purchasing

    Jonathan Savage

    Clean &amp; sustainable solution for responsible pet owners

  • 4
    Too good

    Karen Rogers

    These bags are a great choice for dog waste

  • 5
    5 stars

    John Richardson

    The Dog Poop Bags are an absolute game-changer when it comes to cleaning up

  • 4
    Perfect size

    Leonard Rees

    Not too big, not too small, just the perfect size!

  • 5

    Arnold Wiggins

    I order these regularly, the product, delivery and service I get is fantastic

  • 5

    Safia Mosley

    SO much better for the environment and even stronger than the cheap plastic ones I used to buy