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Bristol Tool Company Garden Compost Bin Tumbler - 160 Litre

Product Code: GCT-160
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£59.95 £77.95
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Bristol Tool Company Garden Compost Bin Tumbler - 160 Litre
Customer Submitted Image
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£59.95 £77.95

Kitchen waste is no longer a ‘waste’ now with this 160L Garden Compost Bin Tumbler by Bristol Tool Company. This large tumbling composter is the most efficient compost maker that decomposes large quantities of kitchen waste into organic manure easily, all that you can do for your garden plants.

  • Speedy Composting
  • Rodent Resistant
  • Odour Free
  • Weather Resistant
  • Safe Use Plastic
  • 360 Degree Tumbling
  • Next Working Day Delivery

This 160L large composter consists of two chambers with sliding doors, allowing you to add fresh stuff to one side while the other side continues to decompose. Fill the composter, close the door and rotate the tumbler 5-6 times regularly, the compost bin will do the rest!

This newly developed technology with 360-degree rotation of the drum can balance the ingredients when you turn it and the air vents help add oxygen to the compost and nourish it, making decomposing even faster. The deep internal fins help to break down the food scraps quickly and turn everyday vegetable waste into a perfect fertiliser for your garden within a few weeks which could help you to save money, time, and effort. 

The compost tumbler is designed to last, with a powder-coated metal stand which is strong and corrosion-resistant, guaranteeing a secure stand and elevates the bin above the ground to prevent rodents getting to your compost. The composter has a durable BPA-free plastic body with weather-resistant properties that won’t degrade under sunlight. Even though this has a large capacity, this compost tumbler consumes less space with its compact design. Get an all-in-one solution for your kitchen and garden with this Compost Tumbler that can quickly decompose kitchen waste into organic manure for your plants.

Technical Specifications
Capacity (Litres) 160
Depth (mm) 700
Height (mm) 930
Width (mm) 600

16 Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Satisfied customer

    Elizabeth Godsmark

    Excellent service throughout.
    Sturdy product, compact and value for money.

  • 5
    Compost maker

    Pamela richmond

    Very happy with product

  • 5

    Julia Roberts

    Its aeration holes keep the decompost oxygenated, making it full of nutrients for plants.

  • 4
    Best decomposer

    Carlene Gayle

    Comes with two separate chambers that help decompose and add fresh produce simultaneously

  • 5
    Highly useful

    Jeremy Frost

    What I like about this Tumbler is its huge 160L capacity that works like a charm for a big family of 6

  • 4
    Ideal for decomposing

    John Wright

    Helps me keep up with the decomposing goals! My plants are the happiest with this new addition

  • 4
    Ordering again

    Stephanie Wilson

    Ordered it last Christmas and since then all my kitchen waste is swiftly recycled without putting in much efforts

  • 5

    Cui Lin

    Could&#039;nt find a single flaw in its built or functionality, everything is just up to the mark as I had hoped!

  • 4

    Cristopher McLain

    I have used many garden tumblers before but this one beats them all in quality and efficiency

  • 5
    Happy customer

    Nick Haag

    From ordering to delivery, everything was a smooth transaction.

  • 5
    Works well

    Craig Mckay

    Its always been a remarkable experience of using tumbler decompost for my kitchen garden, all my veggies are growning super fast organically

  • 5
    Meets my exectations

    John Lynch

    Outstanding quality and outstanding results! Takes only few minutes to load and breaks down the waste real quick