Rabbit Standing Mesh Topiary frame

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Rabbit Standing Mesh Topiary frame


If you want Beatrice Potter and Peter Rabbit this is the topiary frame for you, planted with smaller leaved plants and flowers this upright 'bunny' could make your lawn or flower bed look a little more interesting as well as adding to a magnificent floral spral of colour.As with all our topiary frames it is made from strong metal wire, welded together and to prevent rusting. Is coated with a special covering This Frame consist of two or more parts which is connected by cable ties which are supplied, making it easy to fill with moss and plant.. We do strongly recommend to use plants that like the same conditions. Rockery type plants, which are invasive and low growing, make great topiaries. When using hardy plants for the topiary frame, it can stay outside during the winter. With non-hardy plants it is best to water the topiary before the frost, at least once a month and leave in a protected area. Smaller leaved plants work best on smaller animals.

All metal wires have a diameter from 2 to 18mm. and can be pre-mossed and planted if specified.


Product Name
Rabbit Standing Small Mesh Topiary frame
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Rabbit Standing Small Mesh Mossed Topiary frame
Rabbit Standing Large Mesh Topiary frame
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Rabbit Standing Large Mesh Mossed Topiary frame
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"These topiary wire frames are made from strong welded wires, with a net of mesh wire over the frame. Everything is epoxy coated to prevent rusting. The bottom of the frame has a large hole, which allows you to create a real topiary with a box or privet, or to fill the frame with sphagnum moss. For immediate impact, you can buy the frame ready filled with moss to give instant topiary figures, this requires no maintenance or watering as the moss is already dried, and it can be left outside. "

Large 390mm x 190mm x 120mm.

Small 330mm x 170mm x110mm

Place the mesh frame over your box plant or you can choose to fill it with sphagnum moss to create an instant moss feature. Once mossed you can choose to add plants if so required. The moss act as a substrate for the plant roots. They should be then watered and fed as you would a hanging basket

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