HT8/80/22 100M High Tensile Stock Fencing

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HT8/80/22 100M High Tensile Stock Fencing

SKU: HT8/80/22

​HT8/80/22 is an alternative to to HT8/80/15 but with 22cm (9“) spacing between the vertical wires.

It is ideal for sheep and lambs due to the larger spacing.

Manufactured in the UK.

100M roll weighs approximately 52KG.

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RRP: £215.99

Our Price: £179.99


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Our High Tensile HT8/80/22 is a fantastic lamb-safe fence. It has 22cm spacing between each vertical wire, helping to ensure that both sheep and lambs do not get their head stuck in the fence and cause any damage to both themselves and the wires.

This fence has been manufactured in the UK, so you can be sure of the high quality that is being offered. 

Having a high tensile fence means that the fence will be able to handle a lot more stock pressure than standard mild steel fencing would, without the need for as many intermediate posts.

We recommend using High Tensile fencing on areas that are straight as having it twist and turn a lot can damage the integrity of the fence, causing its expected life to be shortened and it to not live up to what it should.

Due to the need for less intermediate posts, High Tensile fencing can be set up much faster than normal fencing would, which makes it great for quick, temporary fencing too!


Below is a small breakdown of the difference between our fences and what the codes actually mean.

1 Line wire thickness
2 Number of wires
3 Overall height (CM)
4 Spacing between vertical wires (CM)

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Excellent productReview by Teresa Duhart  
Thanks very much, good fence.
Great fenceReview by Chloe Siegfried  
Nice company to work with.
Good qualityReview by Jamie Townsend
High quality product.
More than happyReview by Luke Cox
Easy to set up and nicely rolled.
DelightfulReview by Spencer Kaur
Good service and a great product. Thanks very much.
Great serviceReview by Finlay Bridges
Great stock fencing for our animals.

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