HT6/80/22 100M Pheasant Friendly High Tensile Stock Fencing

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HT6/80/22 100M Pheasant Friendly High Tensile Stock Fencing
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£160.00 £191.99
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100M roll of Pheasant Friendly Fencing, measuring 80cm high.

22cm between vertical wires.

It does not stretch like mild steel and is a far stronger option.

Manufactured in the UK

Ideal for letting game birds through and keeping stock enclosed.


This fantastic Pheasant-Friendly fence is ideal for ensuring that game birds do notget trapped, but also to ensure that any stock is kept enclosed within the specified areas.

This helps to care for the welfare of the birds and ensure that they are not damaging both the fence and themselves.

These fences are manufactured in the UK, so you can be reassured about the high quality of the fences that are going to be provided.

The High Tensile design means that the fence is able to withstand a lot more pressure than standard mild steel fencing would. It requires much fewer intermediate posts and and much faster to set up.

We recommend using this between 2 direct points and would not recommend this on areas with a lot of turns as it can damage the intergrity of the fence, reducing its life.

Please be advised due to the nature of the product the specifications of the product may vary.


Technical Specifications
Line Wires 6
Distance Between Vertical Wires (cm) 22cm
Height (cm) 80cm
Top and Bottom Line Wires 2.5mm - 1235-1390 N/mm2
Intermediate Line Wires 2.5mm - 1235-1390 N/mm2
Vertical Wires 2.5mm - 695-850 N/mm2
Weight (kg) 41kg
Lead Time 5 - 7 Days Delivery

6 Customer Reviews

  • 4

    George Howarth

    Much better than our old fence, and pheasant-friendly too!

  • 5
    Really pleased

    James Brady

    Always thinking about the welfare of animals, great choice!

  • 4
    Really pleased

    Tom Chambers

    Stock fencing at its finest.

  • 5
    Amazing service

    Maisie Coleman

    Good product, thanks.

  • 5
    More than happy

    Rashida Edling  

    I love this and still have loads left to work with later!

  • 5
    Good quality

    Chung Redmon  

    Great recommendation from the customer service team.

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