High Tensile 200M Barbed Wire

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High Tensile 200M Barbed Wire
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£40.00 £54.95

Supplied on a roll with a total length of 200M

Made in the UK

Our High Tensile Barbed Wire is produced by heavily galvanised steel wire.

The barbs themself consist of 4 long sharp points that are space 10cm apart.

High Tensile Wire is supplied on robust wooden spools with 'Hesston' carrying handles for both ease of handling and safety.


Barbed Wire is a great natural deterrent for both people who wish to gain unlawful access to your property, but also animals as well. It helps to provide security to both your property such as homes and business. Our High Tensile Barbed Wire is perfect for use on farms, where we would recommend using it in low stock areas, or for temporary fences; as all of our Barbed Wire is produced by heavily galvanising metal wire it is used to to create a tough, reliable security solution.

The barbs consist of 4 long, sharp points that are spaced 10cm apart, all along the wire. This is supplied on a sturdy wooden spool, with 'Hesston' handles for convenience and safety.

We recommend securing Barbed Wire between 2 points directly in a straight line. This helps to ensure that the Barbed Wire lasts as long as it should. Having the Barbed Wire wrap around corners will weaken those points and lower the life expectancy.

Please be advised due to the nature of the product the specifications of the product may vary.

Always wear thick protective gloves when placing or moving the barbed wire.

Technical Specifications
Line Wires 1.60mm - 1235-1390 N/mm2
Barbing Wires ​1.45mm - 415-550 N/mm2
​Roll Weight (kg) ​10.5kg

8 Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Good quality does the job


    Very good product

  • 5
    High tensile wire

    Audrey Doering

    Very pleased with this barbed wire which is currently being used for a temporary fence on my farm. It's just what I needed! Thanks!!

  • 4
    Very strong

    Patrick Francis

    This wire is currently being used on my land to keep out unwanted vistors and animals. It's very strong and durable. Recommend!

  • 4
    Great product

    Alice Potts

    Just what I needed! Thanks

  • 5

    Mindi Gibbs

    Very robust and durable.

  • 5

    Eloise Lippincott

    This wire is great for providing security practically anywhere! Very happy, thanks.

  • 4

    Anette Brennan

    A great experience with the customer service and company. Would recommend.

  • 3
    Works well

    David Marsh

    Good product

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