Gifts & Ornaments

Gifts & Ornaments

Always looking for the ideal or unusual gift, or something for yourself? We have tried to cater for all needs and are confident you will find something you’ll love; from our practical gardening help, stunning ornamental gifts, recycled glassware and our amusing and outstanding range of ornamental animal figures.

Firstly, our accessories consist of Gardening Set's, "Gifts in a Tin", Gardeners Hand Cream and much much more. Secondly, our Ornamental Gifts consist of Ceramic Fountain's, Water Pumps and uniquely crafted Mini Home's. Thirdly, we have our Recycled Glassware & Vases section. Within this, we have many different products such as Carlsberg Tumblers, Frosted Vases, Lemonade Bottles and much more. And finally, we have our famously popular Ornamental Animal Gifts, which consist of Meerkats, Pandas and more in our store. To see more products, simply click and choose a category!
Composti Bin
Composti Bin

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Captain Meerkat
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