HT10/107/8 25M High Tensile Horse Wire Fencing

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HT10/107/8 25M High Tensile Horse Wire Fencing

SKU: HT10/107/8

  • Strong, 25 metre long tensile fencing that measures 107cm high.

  • The wire is high tensile, making it much stronger than the standard fencing.

  • Taller than normal fencing to suit being used to contain horses and other domestic animals.

  • Made in the UK.

  • 3 inch gap between vertical wires - this is small so horses can't fit their hooves in and cause any damage.

  • With normal fencing, horses tend to stamp down and through the fence causing damage. This robust fence ensures that animals are safe and their welfare is cared for.

  • Standard supporting posts are usually between 3 and 6 metres apart, however with the high tensile fence, this can be much further.

  • Can be strained much tighter than mild steel, allowing for more secure fences at a cheaper cost.

Please be advised due to the nature of the product the specifications of the product may vary.

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Our 25 metre Equestrian fencing would be ideal for use with horses, due to it's high tensile, robust design. It makes it perfect for paddocks and would be suitable for a wide variety of domestic animals; Horses, Llamas, Alpacas and Game alike.

Due to the high tension that this fence provides, allowing for much quicker assembly due to it requiring less posts, making it much more cost effective.

Compared to normal fences, this high tensile fence helps to keep animals in(or out) of areas you do or don't want them. Ensuring that animals do not injure themselves and property by being very secure, the fence would be ideal in areas such as farms and equestrian centres.

This great valued fence would be ideal for Farmers, Gamekeepers, Equestrian Centres and Councils, looking to improve their grounds while saving both time and money.

Line wires 10
Distance between vertical wires 8cm
Height 107cm
Top and bottom line wires 2.5mm - 1235-1390 N/mm2
Intermediate line wires 2.5mm - 1235-1390 N/mm2
Vertical wires 2.5mm - 695-850 N/mm2
Roll lengths available 25m
Weight of 25m roll 28KG

Below is a small breakdown of the difference between our fences and what the codes actually mean.

1 Line wire thickness
2 Number of wires
3 Overall height (CM)
4 Spacing between vertical wires (CM)

Customer Reviews

SplendidReview by Leatrice Ellingsworth
Fantastic customer service and overall experience. Very pleased.
ImpeccableReview by Daryl Widner
This is a bargain for the amount of wire that you get.
ImmaculateReview by Tawanda Edmondson
The perfect height for horses!
Nothing comes close to this.Review by Shanice Einhorn
Very fast delivery for the size and it is better than anything I have used prior.
WonderfulReview by Hollie May
Very strong and durable!
ExcellentReview by John Harris
Great product.
Strong!Review by Sarah
Much stronger than the previous fences that I have used for my paddocks.
5/5Review by Tony
I received this item in no time and it was perfect for our horses - It actually does stop them getting their hooves stuck!
WonderfulReview by Tanya B
Great value and fast delivery!
Great!Review by Matthew
I was very happy with the product, but most of all the customer service. I had many questions regarding this, all of which were answered in a timely manner. Fast delivery too!
Fantastic!Review by James M
Great service and a great product. I would definitely recommend this for agricultural use!
Extremely pleasedReview by Sam
I was a little skeptical when purchasing this as I didn't believe it was as good as described, however I am proud to say that I am very pleased with my purchase and it has been put to great use!

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