Deer (Doe) Eating Topiary Frame

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Deer (Doe) Eating Topiary Frame
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£224.99 £239.99

This frame depicts a young doe, majestically nibbling on your lawn. The frame would be suited to any garden it is placed in. The frame can also be mossed to give it an air of subtlety.


Topiary frame information - the topiary wire frames are delivered with cable ties. All frames consist of two or more parts connected by cable ties, making it easy to fill with moss or to clip together over a plant to make a classic topiary figure.

Mossed topiary items - these give an immediate impact in your garden as you do not have to wait for a plant to grow. For these, the moss is packed very tightly and is treated with Mossgreen (a water based colourant) to avoid browning and for better moisture retention. Mossed topiary figures require no water or nutrition as the moss is already dried, and it can be left outside.

Mossed and planted items - as the moss is tight within the topiary frames, it can serve as soil and it is possible to grow all kinds of plants into the figure. We can plant these for you. Please note that planting styles may vary from those shown, pictures used are for illustration purposes only. Planted topiary should be treated like a hanging basket, it will need regular watering, especially while the plants are establishing themselves, and occasional feeding.


All main metal wires have a diameter from 2 to 18mm and the smaller wires are from 0.7 to 1.5mm and about 2cm from each other.

How to do it

Instant Moss topiary is just that – You can have your chosen topiary shape and feature today. We start with a metal or mesh fame. This comes in two parts and will be fixed together by cable ties. The traditionalist can buy this frame and fix it around box hedges or trees.

We however fill these frames with sphagnum moss, the same type as used to line hanging baskets. The two halves of the frame are packed and crammed with moss as tight as possible and then cable tied together. Excess and protruding moss is then trimmed using scissors. Many people are then happy with their chosen animal or shape and introduce it as a maintenance free ‘mossed’ feature to the garden.

The finishing touch is planting up your chosen animal or shape. We soak the moss shape. Using a screwdriver we poke holes where wish to plant and insert the young plants. Larger plants should actually be secured from the inside before securing with ties. We find semparvariums are excellent plants to use since they quickly grow. The worst that will happen now is that the shape gets too wet over winter and the moss springs out over the frame. In which case trim the moss in the spring. Keep it watered as you would a hanging basket and plants will continue to flourish in it.

Technical Specifications
Height 780mm
Width 960mm
Depth 280mm

9 Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Elegant and beautiful

    George M

    This frame has an air of nature about it, it adds life to a garden because of how simple yet beautiful it is

  • 5
    Worthy of five stars

    Ellis H

    When you cover it with moss it almost looks real, pair that with the fast delivery and you've got yourself a returning customer, can't fault it

  • 5


    Love this. Perfect for my frontlawn

  • 5
    Best one yet!

    Patrick S

    I've been looking through your store to try and find the perfect topiary frame for my garden and I think that I've found it in this one. It's currently rummaging around next to some trees in my garden and it looks so nice out there now

  • 5

    Gabriel Mitchell

    Came on time and looks good

  • 5
    Stunning bit of topiary

    Alice Pettit

    I've purchased a lot in my time, but this is just perfect! Comes with a lovely frame and is great for what I need.

  • 5
    Great form

    Amber M

    My son mistook this for an actual deer when he looked out of the window the first night we had this. That's a pretty good idea of how nice this looks

  • 4
    Yep, very nice


    Very pretty fitted well on front doorstep

  • 5

    Nick P

    This looks amazing! You've done a brilliant job with both the metalwork and the mossing. Together they make a formidable team

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