Gardening Delights: Buy Direct From Us.

If you’re a current customer you may have noticed we’ve redesigned our website, if you’re a new customer, hello and welcome to the Gardening Delights website.

Our website is now much more user friendly which means you can shop for recycling and gardening products for yourself or for your favourite gardening fanatic with ease.

Buying directly through our website, instead of via our Amazon or eBay stores has never had so many benefits.

You’ll find some of our products will be cheaper on our website than they are on either our Amazon or eBay store, which means you can manage your recycling or make your garden look beautiful, for less.

You can now create an account with us, which allows you to review and track your orders and re-order your favourite products easily.

The advantages don’t stop there though; you can find exclusive deals and products on our website which aren’t available on either Amazon or eBay.

Mothers Day is just around the corner, so why not give her the Mothers Day she deserves and check out our Mothers Day offers which are exclusive to our website.

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If you want simple recycling solutions or want to grow your own produce you might be interested in two important parts of our website;

Recycling: Whether you need compostable liners for food waste or want to create your own compost, we supply practical solutions to make recycling easy, simple and tidy.

Grow your own: We make growing your own possible; we sell the equipment necessary to create your own compost, grow and care for your fruit and vegetables. You can then reap the rewards of your hard work when they reach your plate.

For exclusive deals, products and savings buy direct from the Gardening Delights website.