8 DIY Christmas decorations you & the kids can make

8 DIY Christmas decorations you and the kids can make

Here at Gardening Delights we’re big fans of recycling and upcycling, so with Christmas on its way (Haven’t you noticed all those adverts? Already!) we scoured the internet for a few DIY Christmas decorations you can make with the kids.

We all have fond memories of making decorations with family as children and let’s be honest, while you can find some beautiful Christmas decorations in the shops they’re never as beautiful as something made by our family.

Everyone has things like empty jars, waste paper, cardboard and toilet roll tubes lying about so you’re sure to be able to find something on our list that you and the kids can do, while putting rubbish to good use.

  • Paper snowflakes – Something easy to keep the kids entertained with for hours. Don’t you remember the hours of fun you had making paper chains as a kid?
  • Recycled junk mail Christmas ornaments – At last! Someone found a use for junkmail.
  • Cork Rudolph – You knew you were keeping those corks for a good reason! This link also contains a few other great suggestions for using up old corks, so if you have some left over you won’t run out of corky-crafty ideas.
  • 33 DIY advent calendars ideas – You’re sure to be able to find an idea (or four) that you love that puts some waste cardboard or paper to use.
  • DIY glittery candle holders – Not only does this put some old jars to good use, but also newspaper. Newspaper everywhere, every surface in the house, don’t you remember how long you spent picking glitter out of the carpet for last time?
  • Christmas township candle jar – This is a really simple project and the kids will love designing their own town skyline.
  • Toilet paper roll Santa – Great fun for the little ones. The things you can do with a toilet paper roll…
  • Snow globes – What Christmas project list would be complete without a snow globe? Of course you don’t need to use a Christmas tree, you could switch it to a reindeer, Santa or something else entirely.


For some more DIY Christmas decoration suggestionsvisit our Pinterest board.  Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments!